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Connecting Jewish Children Around the World Through Chess

Israel Diaspora Hearts
Chess Tournament


Blue Star Chess connects Jewish children in the Diaspora with children in Israel through the game of chess. Our goals are for Jewish children worldwide to build Jewish pride and a love of Israel, while building their chess skills, making new friends, and having fun!

We host regular online tournaments (with prizes!) involving children from all nations. Children of similar ages and interests are also matched, enabling them to make new friends from all over the world. 

The program also enables International Chess Masters to offer coaching to children to improve their chess skills. Each year children will have the opportunity to visit their international friends and play in over-the-board tournaments.

The benefits of chess are enormous. Chess is well known to develop memory and logic, improve concentration and creativity, and advance intellectual maturity. Chess players also learn independence and self-motivation and the rewards of hard work. Many studies have shown that chess kids have higher learning ability and achieve higher grades. Chess is growing hugely in popularity and is now played regularly by hundreds of millions worldwide.

Through the Blue Star Chess program, school children experience Jewish pride though meeting and competing with other Jewish children internationally.

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Blue Star Chess is a Mard Philanthropy Project.


Blue Star Chess partners with a wonderful group of Grand Masters, International Masters, and FIDE Masters from around the world who all share their wealth of chess expertise with the children. We're so grateful for the time they give to help develop our children's chess skills and improve their ratings.

Israel Diaspora Hearts
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